lighthouse Our Mission Statement: To sensitively manage the natural resources entrusted to our care, to provide the people of Montara and Moss Beach with reliable, high-quality water, wastewater, and trash disposal services at an equitable price, and to ensure the fiscal and environmental vitality of the district for future generations.


Regular meetings are 7:30PM on the first and third Thursday of each month at the district office at 8888 Cabrillo Hwy, next to Pt Montara Lighthouse and Hostel.

To receive agendas by email, send a request to

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In addition to email, we post agendas before each board meeting:

  • Montara post office
  • Moss Beach post office
  • the bulletin board in front of the MWSD office


Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) – MWSD is a member of SAM, the agency that collects and cleans our Coastside community's wastewater before it enters the ocean. SAM meets monthly on the 4th Monday at 7:30pm. Jim Harvey and Scott Boyd presently serve as SAM board members.

Recology of the Coast – MWSD has contracted with Recology of the Coast for trash pickup, recycling, and waste hauling.

Visit County Solid Waste Department for more information about recycling, composting, etc.

General Manager
• Clemens Heldmaier (650)728-3545

• Scott Boyd, President, SAM representative
Term 2011-2015
• Jim Harvey, President pro tem, SAM representative
Term 2013-2017
• Kathryn Slater-Carter, Treasurer, SAM alternate
Term 2011-2015
• Dwight Wilson, Secretary
Term 2013-2017
• Bill Huber, SAM alternate
Term 2013-2017

Committee assignments and terms of office

Frequently Asked Questions – info about the district, the directors, how to save money, and other interesting items!


New water connections
The Coastal Commission has approved MWSD's Public Works Plan, allowing new water connections and well conversions for the first time in decades.
Press release
Approved Public Works Plan


Appliance rebate application
Save water and money. Install low-flow toilets & washing machines, and get rebates!
Qualifying appliances

Automatic payments
Pay your water bill by automatic withdrawal from your checking account

Current fee schedule updated Sep 2013
Current fee schedule supersedes fees shown below.

Applying for water service for existing

Applying for water service for new

Applying for Private Fire Protection (PFP) service

Remodeling Permit information/application updated July 2010

Information packet for those building a new home fees effective July 2010

Standard Sewer Specifications – the entire standard specifications describing standards for construction for all District sewage facilities (i.e., sewer laterals, mains, etc.) updated 2009.

Standard Water Specifications – the entire standard specifications describing standards for construction for all District water facilities.


Capital Improvement Plan Presentation April 21, 2011
Capital Improvement Plan and Water Capacity Charge
Meeting at Seton Coastside

Master Plan Presentation March 17, 2011
Public workshop at Seton Coastside

About the Water System Master Plan and the availability of connections to MWSD’s water system.

BACKGROUND In 2003 MWSD acquired the privately-owned water system serving the Montara-Moss Beach area in the County of San Mateo.

In the 1980s, the company that owned the system was ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission to establish a moratorium upon new water connections to the system due to its substandard condition and lack of water resources. Upon purchasing the system with funds from a bond issue approved by over 80% of the voters within MWSD’s territory, the system came under MWSD’s local regulatory and operational control, but the moratorium was necessarily continued by MWSD due to the condition of the system.

MWSD has made substantial infrastructure improvements, implemented operational efficiencies and initiated conservation measures, all of which have contributed to the increased availability of water as documented in the Water System Master Plan recently updated and approved by MWSD’s governing Board. Accordingly, the Board has repealed the moratorium. Consequently, the availability of water is now directly related to data and projections included in the Master Plan.

MWSD’S ROLE MWSD is a special district that provides water and sewerage service. It does not issue building permits or control development. Except for water service that may be provided to property that has already been developed and is served by on-site wells, new connections may only be made for property approved for development by the County of San Mateo, subject to the County’s building, planning and zoning regulations and the County’s Local Coastal Program


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Be sewer smart! Prevent sewer backups this rainy season. Learn more!

Drip Calculator
Measure and Estimate Water Wasted Due to Leaks.

You might be surprised how much a slow leak costs. Did you know that your sewer service charges are based on your water usage during the rainy season? Fixing leaks saves money (and water).

"Keeping our environment clean"

Learn about PG&E energy efficiency rebates.


The annual operating and capital budgets are developed beginning in April for the coming fiscal year which extends from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. The Board has a Budget Committee consisting of two Board members that meet in a noticed special meeting. The Sewer Service Charges that will levied against each property will be based on the adopted budget.

Financial Statements
June 2012 with Independent Auditors' Report
June 2011 with Independent Auditors' Report
June 2010 with Independent Auditors' Report

Water System Master Plan updated December 2011

Water & Sanitary Code updated November 2011

Draft Phase 3 Midcoast Groundwater Study now available for review and comment. The report was prepared by the Resource Conservation District on behalf of the County of San Mateo.

Public Works Plan Approved by the Coastal Commission December 2013. The plan includes 1.1 million gallons of new water storage, the Alta Vista well, and a new water treatment facility.

Consumer Confidence Report – Calendar year 2012 Annual water consumer confidence report (PDF)

Solar Energy Read about our solar installations.

A little water system history from a Citizens Utilities document dated 11/97

Water service in this area was commenced in 1907 by subdividers to facilitate the sales of real estate. The water system properties were acquired by the Public Utilities California Corporation in 1928, which then changed names to Citizens Utilities Company of California in 1949. In 1950, Citizens sold its properties in the Half Moon Bay area and a portion of the properties in the Moss Beach area to Coastside County Water District. In 1958, CUCC acquired a water system from the Montara School District that was originally installed by the U. S. Navy in 1944.

The District Newsletter
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Fall 2010 (PDF 13MB)
Winter 2009 (PDF 13MB)
Fall 2007 (PDF 664K)
Fall 2006 (PDF 393K)
Spring 2006 (PDF 256K)
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